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What I Do

Hello, my name is Otis Arron Schmakel.
I am the Owner and Sole Proprietor of
The FoxeO Group of Internet Businesses.
I listen to people singing and playing the guitar.
I also buy domain names, mostly to develop; now I have so many I also rent and sometimes sell them.


Who I Am

I like to tell people I am semi-retired, and semi-retarded !
I was a Biochemistry Student, then a Journeyman Millwright, then a NASD Series 7 Licensed Stock Broker.
The Stock Market is going to make like Jack's Bean Stalk and grow straight up to Giant Land and Disappear !


My Work

I used to take a lot of photos, and even do my own photo-processing. Then I started to collect other people's photos; here are some of the Winners of the Royal Observatory's 2018 Astronomy Photograph Contest ! Now I barely have time to VIEW all the awesomely great photography that is available !

Say Hello.

You could just shoot me a message if this form worked - try Email : foxeo@ymail.com.